Pancham Nishad

Incorporated in 1996, with the objective to showcase the rich heritage of musical talent of India, Pancham Nishad Creatives Pvt. Ltd. has, till date, organized and managed several cultural events, particularly concerts of Indian Classical Music throughout India. Some of the mega stars like Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar, Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, etc. have performed under Pancham Nishad’s aegis.



Pancham Nishad started its musical journey in the year 1996, with the sole objective to advance Indian Cultural Heritage of traditional music & dance globally

  • We aim to focus on content and quality of the programs
  • We are recognized industry leader and opinion makers
  • We run as a private limited company by reputed and experienced professionals       (CAs, ex Director with an international bank)
  • We are ably supported by a professional board and advisors comprising of       Director on public companies, partners with leading audit firms and reputed       artistes

    We have organized and managed more than 700 cultural events till date with over 40 concerts in last year and 10+ annual properties

  • Till date we have served over half a million audiences and Worked with over        50+corporate partners and sponsors
  • Conceptualization and continued support of Saptarang Festival, Upvan Arts        Festival, etc

    We have unparallel relationships and access with leading exponents of Indian Music

  • Over 500 artists have performed under our aegis
  • L. Subramanian, Pandit Satish Vyas and Mrs Archana Joglekar are on             our advisory board
  • Strong, family oriented relationship with most of the leading artists
  • Board

    Shashi Vyas , C.A.

    Founder of Pancham Nishad. He has inherited rich classical music tradition from his father Pandmabhushan Pandit C.R.Vyas and is responsible for creative aspects of the business.

    Samir Mehta, C.A.

    Director and Strategic advisor.



    L. Subramaniam
    Santoor Maestro Padmashree Pandit Satish Vyas
    Film Actress and Kathak exponent Ms. Archana Joglekar

    Key shareholders and advisors

  • Vinayak Gawande, C.A. Promoter and Director at Talwalkars Better Value Fitness, Indian Cookery, Better Value
          Brands, Better Value Restaurants, etc.
  • Rajesh Gandhi, C.A.Practicing C.A.
  • Sharad Dadbhawala, C.A., CFO at Granite Hill Capital Partners, LLC, U.S.A.
  • Rajesh Shah, C.A., Practicing C.A.
  • Hemant Bhuta, C.A., Practicing C.A.
  • Annual Properties

    Upcoming Events

    Event Profile

    Public Events

    Open for general public either free of cost or via tickets at nominal price
    Two to Five sponsors per events
    Media, PR & branding benefits. Block tickets, invitee tickets
    Key examples: Heartbeats, Sahodar, Southern Express, Rain Raga, Malhar Rang, Samanvay, Pratahswar, Spiritual Morning, Jamming with Jazz, Bolava Vitthal, Vartaman, Chintamnai Jayanti Samaroh

    Corporate Events

    Exclusively for corporate, typically not open for general public
    Single sponsor, no external sponsors
    Key corporate for whom we have done events in past: Central Bank of India, Adiraj Builders, RVG- Alumini Meet, Indian Music Awards – Pandit Jasraj Event, SRK Group, etc

    Customized Events

    Typically customized events for corporate, not open for general public
    Key examples of customized events: Annual Day, Customer Meets, Events for Dealers, Award Ceremonies, Festivals, store launches, etc
    Key clients: Royal Bank of Scotland, Tata Capital, Jindal Steel, Tata Motors, Exim Bank, Poggen Pohl, etc

    Government Events

    Government sponsored cultural events to promote music and arts
    Key events: Mumbai Saptarang, Mumbai Sanskruti, Marathwada Parivaar and Elephanta Festival

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